Design Approach

Design Approach

First and foremost, what does the client want? This could be considered our Mission Statement. We design to the client’s specifications. We are not locked into styles we “prefer”.

From the initial interview, we attempt to glean from our client what he is looking for to include square footage of heated area, number of stories, number of rooms (bed, bath, living), type of garage (i.e. side, front, rear-entry and number of bays), location of stairs, and budget.

Affecting the budget are such things as amenities (kitchen and bath fixtures or up-grades and number of baths), built-ins, outdoor living areas including pool/spas, patios and porches. How do they want the exterior of their home to look? Traditional, Contemporary, Texas Hill Country, Tuscan, Country French, or something else entirely? Site is important as is the home's orientation on the lot. What is the topography of the site? Does it have trees or features such as ponds, streams, or a great view? What are the restrictive covenants, if any?

Design Process

1. Prior to first interview, lot or site selection should be made.
2. First interview, where items listed above are discussed.
3. First preliminary drawings based on information given at first meeting. This is considered “Page 1”. The preliminary plan process usually takes 2 – 3 revisions and can take more.
4. Client reviews preliminary plans and makes comments.
5. Preliminary is revised per comments.
6. Once preliminary is approved, we begin the process of working drawings.
7. First check set includes floor plans at ¼” scale to include all interior elevations: cabinets, door openings, etc., electrical, front elevation and site plan. Client reviews check set and returns with comments. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT STEP IN THE PROCESS and client will see about 90% of “pictures” drawn.
8. Check set is reviewed, returned with comments and changes.
9. Second check set includes revisions to the 1st check set plus left, right and rear elevations, roof plan and all exterior dimensions.
10. Client reviews and returns with comments and/or changes.
11. Third check set includes any revisions, all dimensioning, any required building sections, wall sections and any required details.
12. Client reviews, corrections are made and finals are printed.