The First Steps of Custom Home Design

Designing a Custom Home for a client is a rewarding experience. Many times, this is the home they have saved for, will be raising their family in, or retiring in – it’s their dream home. This is why we are not locked into any specific “style,” we design for our clients needs, and see it as our responsibility to ensure that the final plans they receive are representative of their needs, their personalities, and their dream.

First Things First:

When you're beginning the process for a custom home design, our advice will always be to find the land, or lot, first. And, prior to our first interview, your lot or site selection should already be made. This is important for a few reasons:

- The size and topography of the land has a large impact on the layout of the home. It’s MUCH easier to alter plans to fit the land, than change the land to fit the plan.
- What kind of privacy does the lot offer? Is another home close by? What will the orientation of the home be, will it be facing North or South? Knowing these details helps us in placement of windows, doors, etc.
- If the lot is in a subdivision, many neighborhoods will have restrictions and requirements that will need to be incorporated into the design. It’s important that we know the required set backs, roof pitches, masonry percentages and any other items allowed or disallowed by the covenants.

Knowing the specifics about the land, the requirements, the views, the privacy, etc., can help us design the best home for you.

Our Initial Meeting:

At our first meeting, it’s our mission to get all of the details on exactly what YOU want in your home.

- Desired square footage
- Number of stories (desired placement of stairs)
- Number of rooms (includes bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas)
- Garage type and size (side, front, or rear-entry and number of bays)

We’ll also ask questions about your budget and desired amenities – as amenities can have a big impact on your budget. Amenities can include:

- Kitchen and bath fixtures or upgrades
- Built-ins and other additional cabinetry
- Outdoor living areas (porches, pools, fireplaces and cooking areas)

We also inquire about the style of home you want - Traditional, Contemporary, Texas Hill Country, Tuscan, Country French, or something else entirely?

After our initial meeting, we get started! You can read more about our entire design process, on our website. Throughout the design process, we work as a team to create desirable and functional living spaces. Thus, obtaining as much information going into the project as possible helps to make the whole process run smoothly from beginning to end.