Our Approach to Design: Product Lines for Volume Builders

It's no secret we love designing homes and spaces for families to live in and enjoy. Over the past 40 years, we have worked extensively with volume builders as well as custom clients. The process of working with a volume builder differs in some respects from working with a custom client, but in both cases a lot of information is needed to get started. When I develop a new product line for a builder, the following criteria must be determined in order for me to design what the builder has in mind.

1. Lot size and number of lots to be used. This will help determine how many different floor plans and elevations are needed to keep the subdivision diverse.

2. Price range/square footage range. In keeping with my first point, knowing what price point the homes will be offered at, and the size of the various homes helps to determine the mix of one-story/two-story product.

3. Targeted buyer profile. Is it a garden home subdivision? Is it for first time buyers, or larger family prospects? Is it a suburban development, or is it targeted towards those interested in urban living? This will let us know the bedroom and bath count, or any additional room requirements such as studies, game rooms, etc.

4. Product amenities and/or options. What will the builder offer in the number and size of garages, kitchen and bath amenities, outdoor living spaces, wine grottoes, etc.

5. Subdivision covenants and restrictions. This is key to showing required set backs, roof pitches, masonry percentages and any other items allowed or disallowed by the covenants.

In working with both large homebuilders and smaller custom builders, we work as a team to create desirable and functional living spaces. Thus, obtaining as much information going into the project as possible helps to make the whole process run smoothly from beginning to end.

Are you a volume or custom builder looking to work with a new designer? Contact us! We'd love to work with you!